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K O F I (Klub Fotografi/Photography Club)

KOFI is a means of learning together about photography techniques that can be used as the creative art of Telkom University Communication Studies students. With the Photography Club, it is easier for Telkom University Communication Studies students who are interested in the field of photography. This photography club also gets facilities from the campus, making it easier for us to innovate in the field of photography. This Photography Club was established on March 23, 2009. It is hoped that this Photography Club can become one of the clubs that is widely known by the Indonesian community and also contributes to the name of Telkom University through various internal and external activities.

In the 2019 period, KOFI has 78 members, of which there are administrators and members of the 2017, 2018, and 2019 batches. And KOFI members themselves have criteria, namely official status as Communication Studies students at Telkom University and willingness to study together in the field of photography. Within the organizational structure of KOFI, there are 4 divisions including the Photography & Editing Division, Model Division, Makeup Division, and Marketing Division. For the management section, there is a Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Person in Charge of each division.

KOFI has Work Programs including New Member Interview, First Meet, Class Manja (Providing material on photography, models, and makeup), KOFI BIRTHDAY (Photography Club Birthday), Hunting Manja (Hunting with all KOFI members), Exhibition of Member’s Work KOFI, Farewell. In each program, the management elects one member to be responsible for running the program.

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