Ready Radio Club

Ready Radio Club is a forum for developing the abilities of Telkom University Communication Science students in the field of radio broadcasting. Founded in 2015 until now, it always provides innovation to maximize student resources and facilities provided by the campus. Ready Radio has its own criteria and number of members each year according to needs. In the 5.0 period, Ready Radio had 85 members, including administrators, members of the 2017, 2018 and 2019 classes.

Now, the platform used by Ready Radio is Spotify to increase students’ effectiveness in listening to Ready Radio program recordings. To date, there are 12 programs that have been arranged in such a way as to be in line with Ready Radio’s vision and mission, namely the Millennial Campus. Apart from Spotify, other platforms such as Line and Instagram are also important in order to market Ready Radio more easily and widely.

In Ready Radio’s organizational structure there are 5 divisions, namely Producer, Announcer, Music Director, Marketing, and Cyber ​​& Creative. The management section includes the General Manager, Program Director, Account Executive, Treasurer, Secretary, Information & Technology, and Persons in Charge (Producer, Announcer, Music Director, Marketing, and Cyber ​​& Creative).

Programs on Ready Radio include:

  1. Speak Up
  2.  Sharing friends
  3. Check Up
  4. BTS (Behind The Song)
  5. Round Tofu
  6. Sports 20
  7. Travelpedia
  8. Soul-Lite
  9. What’s On Campus
    In action
  10. Movie Catalog
Poster Program:

Selain itu, Ready Radio memiliki 6 Program Kerja yaitu diantaranya terdapat Interview Anggota Baru, First Meet, Malam Keakraban, Rebaration (Hari Ulang Tahun Ready Radio), Kaderisasi, dan Farewell. Pada setiap Program Kerja pengurus memilih satu anggota Ready Radio untuk diberi amanah sebagai Penanggung Jawab. Sehingga selain meningkatkan kemampuan dalam broadcasting dan pemasaran, Ready Radio memberikan ruang belajar berorganisasi untuk anggota dalam mengelola sebuah acara yang nantinya akan berguna di dunia kerja.

Program Kerja Ready Radio:
Official Social Media Ready Radio